Mineral Balls

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Mineral Ball

Approx. Rs 50 / Kilogram

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Product Details:

BrandSupercon Engineers
MaterialAl2O3, SiO2 of Ceramic ball
AppearanceRound Ceramic Ball
HardnessHigh Ceramic Ball

Mineral Ball is one kind of environmental protection and health care ball that is mainly made of the natural nonmetal mineral tourmaline, Maifan Stone, porcelain clay and calcium carbonate by nanometer comminution technology, special formula and agglomeration techniques, and used for activating, purifying and mineralizing drinking water.

Application :

  • For various types of water purifier, drinking water dispenser and water supply system and equipments, agriculture and industry,health care products etc.

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Mineral Cartridge Balls

Approx. Rs 70 / Kilogram

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Product Details:

Min./Max. Temperature 4-38 Deg. Cel.
UseRO system / Water Purifier
Max.Operating Pressure 6bar
Packaging TypeDrum/Barrel, Bag

The Mineral Cartridge Balls desiccant is widely used to make water fluoride-free and thus safe to drink. Activated alumina can be used both as a point-of-entry as well as a point-of-use water treatment method. The desiccant purifies the water by absorbing the contaminants and not filtering them. Activated alumina also finds use in treating source water, which has dangerous levels of dissolved solids or sulfate concentration.

The desiccant consists of a bed of activated alumina granules. As the drinking water passes through these granules, the fluorides and other contaminants are readily absorbed. The success of the activated alumina is based on the chemical form of the pollutants that have to be removed. Water treatment using activated alumina granules is dependent on pH levels. Normally, the water pH should be below 8.5. For water containing fluoride, pH between 5 and 6 is allowed, while for arsenic, the pH levels should be 7. City corporations usually reduce the pH levels early on for the activated alumina desiccant to function properly.

The total capacity of the activated alumina desiccant is dependent on two factors- flow rate and contaminant removal capacity. Flow rate, in turn, depends on surface area of flow, the pore size of activated alumina and the water pressure.

Maintaining the activated alumina apparatus requires one to replace the cartridge once in a while and monitor the quality of the water receiving treatment. Safe-keeping also depends on water quality as well as flow rate. The water purified by using activated alumina should be treated once every month for some months after installation to cross-check the contaminant removal ability of the device.

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